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Our Purpose

Women of AT&T will provide an avenue for women to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities; ensure professional and personal development for continuous growth, advancement and success through education, mentoring, and networking to benefit both the individual as well as the corporation; encourage leadership by providing opportunities to exercise leadership skills; promote awareness of AT&T in the community through active involvement in community-related activities, particularly those community/ charitable activities in support of women; promote an environment that recognizes the value of women's contributions both internal and external to AT&T; and add value to AT&T by being good corporate Ambassadors and improving the image of AT&T in local communities. For inquiries and comments, please email

Upcoming Events

Current & Upcoming Events

Valentine's Bake Sale - 2024
Visit the "Shop" tab to place your order!
Orders will be taken until Feb 9th
We will be selling remaining cookies live at Bothell/RTC on Feb 12th, 13th, and 14th. 
Time TBD

Past Events / WOA Acheivements



Wrapping up 2023
A special Holiday Concert put on today by Veronica Ho & Sushil Bogati raised $160 for WOA-PNW's scholarships. They donated all tips for their performance to the WOA fund! The music was amazing and I know we all look forward to hearing the next one. Thanks again Veronica and Sushil!

WOA Day 2023

On June 14th, 35 members of WOA PNW gathered in the Alki Room in Bothell to celebrate WOA Day. We had a guest speaker, Joel Austad, AVP Cybersecurity who gave great insights on the Imprtance of Connections and recognized our scholarship award recipients. Several folks went home with WOA branded prizes, and we had a great time getting together for the first time since COVID! Thanks to everyone who helped plan and execute. Looking forward to the next in-person event! Stay tuned!

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Women's History Month

Welcome to March – Women’s History Month! In honor of so many wonderful women who paved the way for us, every Friday we will be highlighting women in technology! We would like to encourage you to share something about a woman who inspired you or helped you in your career or personal life in the WOA PNW Teams chat! And don’t forget that International Women’s Day is Wednesday 3/8 – wear purple in recognition!

Mary Golda Ross - 23.png

Valentine's Day Cookie Sale - 2023

Nothing says you love them more than homemade cookies, and this Valentine's Day, Women of AT&T baked, purchased, and delivered 72 DOZEN cookies for their loved ones. Preorders were available 1/13 - 2/10, and over the weekend several members baked the cookies. On Monday, they were packaged up for special delivery. Between the pre-orders and day-of sales, we were able to raise nearly $1900 dollars for our scholarship fund and American Heart Association! We are so grateful to have such wonderful members who are willing to support great causes.  Special thanks to Kathy Luke, Tracy Towne, Lauren Paolini, Kathy Liu, Theresa Hayes, Terri McHenry, Shelly Johnson, Dena Murray, Bindu Dixit, Katy Bhat, and Joyce Nelson (and her husband) for contributing your delightful baked goods! Stay tuned for the next opportunity to get involved! 

- "Your cookies were delicious. The only problem was stopping after one!"

Cookie sale.jpg

Volunteer Events at Angeline’s


Every quarter, Women of AT&T, through one of our many Community Awareness – Women’s Issues events, have the honor of serving lunch at Angeline’s Women’s Center in downtown Seattle.


At YWCA Angeline's Women's Center, the danger, uncertainty, and indignity of living on the streets are replaced by safety, support, and respect.  The homeless women who come to Angeline's Day Center can enjoy meals in the dining room, leave their belongings in large lockers, care for their personal hygiene in showers, and clean their clothes in the laundry rooms. They can take refuge from the cold, talk to counselors, get medical treatment, or simply sit and rest.


Approximately 150 women are served over two lunch services. In addition, we help prep the food, clean the kitchen, and ready the dining room for upcoming meals.



WWIN Sip for Stars

Thanks to WOA’s help, Washington Women in Need (WWIN) was able to meet their goal raise $160,000 at this year’s Sip for Stars fundraiser.  I want to thank all of our volunteers as they worked tirelessly to help register, sell bling rings, or promote the games.  WWIN was very pleased with how the event went.  They did give a great shout out to WOA at the event as well just before the moving presentation from some of the star scholars.  Thanks again to all that helped all aspects of this event and prep.  This money raised that night will help several young women receive a four year scholarship to achieve their dream.

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